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Notes taken at a Menopause Workshop with Sr. Iyengar Teacher Patricia Walden

Iyengar Yoga Center of Denver:

Wonderful Insight, Cannot wait to study with her again this summer:-)

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Menopause workshop with Patricia Walden. March 27th
Please note: Any omissions or mistakes are clearly my error not Patricia Walden’s.
Patricia’s book, “Woman’s Book of Yoga and Health”

During menopause, it is important to laugh hard and laugh often. Diet is important, less fat, more whole grains, more vegetables.

Symptoms of Menopause:
• Body has less freedom
• Posture (pay attention to it – this is when the spine starts to round)
• Joint stiffness
• Night sweats
• Can’t find the words when you speak
• Depression, melancholy
• Mourning your youth
• Anxiety
• No desire for sex
• Vaginal dryness
• Memory lapses
• Self doubt
• Rapid heartbeat
• Insomnia
• Fatigue
• PMS – symptoms are much worse
• Mood swings
• Irritability
• Incontinence
• Weight gain
• Hair loss or hair thinning
• Osteoporosis
• Exacerbation of all conditions
• Changes in metabolism

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Bhagavad Gita-Book of the month

Illustration of the battle of Kurukshetra, Arjuna (far right), with Krishna as the charioteer, is battling the Kauravas as the gods look down.

Illustration of the battle of Kurukshetra, Arjuna (far right), with Krishna as the charioteer, is battling the Kauravas as the gods look down.

“Strive constantly to serve the welfare of the world; by devotion to selfless work one attains the supreme goal of life. Do your work with the welfare of others always in mind.”
-Bhagavad Gita, Eknath Eswaran-

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Selfless Service & Wisdom in action

Our IYCD book of the month the Bhagavad Gita.  We will be sharing short excerpts from other blogs, from teachers, and from the book itself.  Here is the first one.  If you have an interest in submitting for our blog, please send us an email and let us know!Image


Selfless Service & Wisdom in action
I have been keeping up with a blog written by Lisa Walford who spent the last 6 weeks in Pune studying with the Iyengar family. Her posts were inspiring, her words are thoughtful, I felt as though I had nothing to write after reading about the classes happening at the Institute right now.

I also realize that I have been sorely using my excuse of not being in India as the source for my lack of inspiration or inner fire, tapas. Excuse after Excuse I have been finding. Not having Prashant to push these thoughts into my head, to really make me think about why I do and teach yoga anyways.

I think of all the people right now in my life I can use for the inspiration. Students who week after week come to class, my teachers who teach even when they feel a bit down. The ladies in my women’s group who pay dues to this educational non-profit, come to meetings, do many different fund raising events year after year with very little $ to work with. They never complain, they always smile, laugh and support each other through the good and the bad. The IMIYA board members who every month meet and discuss how we can spread the teachings of Iyengar yoga purely out of their love of the subject and the Iyengar family.

One thing I have learned the last few months, is this path of yoga can be a lonely one. You are truly on the path to self-realization, not a path to popularity and masses of wealth. It is so funny, I think of all the times where I only had 1 person in a class or no people in a class. Wondering why I still do this? I do it because this yoga has changed my life. It has the potential to change anyone’s life who chooses the path. I also find that when you teach from the heart, teach from the place of being humble, students come, they multiply even (not in the Gremlin sense…). Even the ones who challenge you, ask hard questions, have physical issues, those are the ones we learn the most from.

This brings me to the wisdom in action part. Even if I don’t have the teachings of the Institute at my fingertips, I have to make myself study. It is not easy to sit down at 7 am and read the Gita. I do however realize if I am to continue teaching and learning, this is a part of the process. Not just the physical asana part. Yes, that part in important, but the real reason I do yoga is to become more open. Open to new possibilities, open to new people, new ideas. All this studying and practice I do to build a strong foundation of purpose and meaning in my life.

From the reading have I done this week in the Gita, Chapter 4. Arjuna is wanting a quick fix, to get out of his current situation fast. Krishna is teaching him ancient mystical secrets and Arujuna just does not understand that it is not just the physical action that can lead him on the path to fixing his issue, but a path of Spiritual Knowledge. Of knowing the Self, of being Selfless, giving of ones self with no attachments. At the end of this chapter, Krishna leaves Arjuna with this last piece of wisdom,

“Those established in the Self have renounced selfish attachments to their actions and cut through doubts with spiritual wisdom. They act in freedom. Arjuna, cut through this doubt in your own heart with the sword of spiritual wisdom. Arise; take up the path of yoga!”

Closing thoughts: My mind feels so bouncy these days. Not quite as focused as I would like. These busy times during the holidays can often times cause me (and everyone else for that matter) distress or depression, or the opposite, giddy and hyper. Even if you do not get caught up in all the craziness in the holidays, you are around people who do. Can we learn to find a balance between all of this? Not get caught up in the buying aspect, but in the giving aspect?


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Pose of the month-Sirsasana

Pose of the month-Sirsasana

This is Kelly! Kelly is a certified Iyengar teacher here at the center and she is also the owner of two businesses, amassage practice and she co-owns a studio in Denver with her husband Steven.
Join Kelly Thursday mornings from 8-9:30am for class!

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Sirsasana-with John Schumacher

Pose of the month is Sirsasana.
There are many different videos and books that can teach you Sirsasana.
We chose this one for the simplicity of John’s teaching. He shows the correct actions of the shoulders and shows exactly how to work up to it and how to eventually go up into the full pose.


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The Inward Journey

Learning to Live in the Natural World
Excerpt from Light On Life by B.K.S. Iyengar: IYCD Book of the Month

“Before beginning this journey inward, we must clarify its nature. There is a frequent misunderstanding of the journey inward or the spiritual path, which suggests to most people a rejection of the natural world, the mundane, the practical, the pleasurable. On the contrary, to a yogi (or indeed a Taoist master or Zen monk) the path toward spirit lies entirely in the domain of nature. It is the exploration of nature from the world of appearances, or surface, into the subtlest heart of living matter. Spirituality is not some external goal that one must seek but a part of the divine core of each of us, which we must reveal. For the yogi, spirit is not separate from body. Spirituality, as I have tried to make clear, is not ethereal and outside nature, but accessible and palpable in our very own bodies. Indeed the very idea of a spiritual path is a misnomer. After all, how can you move toward something that, like Divinity, is already by definition everywhere? A better image might be that if we tidy and clean our houses enough, we might one day notice that Divinity has been sitting in them all along. We do the same with the sheaths of the body, polishing them until they become a pure window to the divine.

A scientist sets out to conquer nature through knowledge- external nature, external knowledge. By these means he may split the atom and achieve external power. A yogi sets out to explore his own internal nature, to penetrate the atom (atma) of being. He does not gain dominion over wide lands and restless seas, but over his own recalcitrant flesh and febrile mind. This is the power of compassionate truth. The presence of truth can make us feel naked, but compassion takes all of our shame away. It is this inner quest for growth and evolution, or “involution”, is the profound and transformational yogic journey that awaits the seeker after Truth. We begin this involution with what is most tangible, our physical body, and the yogasana practice helps us to understand and learn how to play this magnificent instrument that each of us has been given.” Pg. 18-19

lotus reflection

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