Yoga Sutra Study

The practice of Yoga is often associated with a relationship between mind, body, and spirit. But what is this “mind”? What is this “body”? What is this “spirit”? After a moment or two of reflection one finds that the answers don’t come as easy as hoped. The Yoga Philosophy Study Group at IYCD meets once a week to explore how these questions are addressed by the Classical Yoga tradition.

At present the group is looking through the lens of Patañjali and the Yoga Sūtras, an early first millennia Sanskrit text commonly referred to as the sourcebook for Classical Yoga philosophy. What does this philosophy say about the nature of mind, body, and spirit? How does it mesh or contrast with our own understandings of the terms? Through a patient exploration and contemplation of this seminal text, we gradually enter into the world of Classical Yoga and discuss its fascinating perspective.

The Yoga Philosophy Study Group also dips a toe (just the little one!) into Sanskrit language study through a weekly reading and recitation of relevant sutras. Very slowly students are introduced to proper pronunciation as well as proper reading of the romanized Sanskrit text. We recite and discuss the sūtras as a group, thus combining the vibrational effect of the spoken language with memorization and eventually group dialogue.

The Yoga Philosophy Study Group is absolutely free and open to all. We meet every Sunday at IYCD from 12:00-1:00pm. The group is led by IYCD instructor Jonathan Dickstein, a longtime and ongoing student of Sanskrit and Indian Philosophy. Jonathan can be contacted directly at with any and all questions.

Jonathan’s class meets every Sunday at noon. No fee to attend, just bring a copy of the Yoga Sutras and a sense of adventure!jonathan crouching

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