Seated and Supine

You may have noticed a recently-added class at IYCD called “seated and supine” and wondered what it is.  In her Tuesday 8:30 a.m. class — and to a lesser degree in her Wednesday noon and Thursday 4:15 p.m. classes —   instructor Juliet Sherwood follows a methodology developed by one of her instructors, Brazilian yoga teacher Francisco Kaiut.  Classes consist of subtle movements that work toward easing the body’s aging process. It is an approach to yoga that specializes in treating injuries, chronic pain, stiffness and hyper flexibility. It is a deeply therapeutic form of yoga that works for every body.  A varied series of mostly supine and seated yoga poses are held from between three to five minutes, interspersed with relaxation and simple walking.  Yoga positions are used as a system of levers that allow students to put pressure where it is needed and remove the pressure where it needs to be removed, all within a passive body.

After years of study and practice as a chiropractor, Kaiut concluded that the majority of low back, knee, hip, shoulder and neck pain stems from the hips. Our western lifestyle, where we sit for hours at a computer and behind the wheel of a car, causes pain and blockage within our bodies. He found that these conditions can best be addressed by having students sit or lie on the floor. The floor and gravity act with bodies at rest, neutralizing all the stress and tension of having to be balanced while standing. Students gradually improve the balance and comfort that leads to a sense of all around well-being — and in performing more traditional yoga poses as well as continued engagement in all physical activity.

Juliet 3

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