Yoga Retreats, Transformations and Community


You may have wondered if it’s really worth the time, money and effort to attend a weeklong yoga retreat. If you know the teacher, or they are highly recommended, then the answer is definitely! You will learn so much about your body by doing so many classes in a relatively short period of time.

You will go deeper through the lairs of the physical body, subtle body, emotional body, and even deeper into the spiritual body. You will be able to heal nagging injuries or problem areas of your body. You will relax like never before. You will process your emotions and move on from old issues. And If you allow yourself the time to process the affects that yoga will have on you, you will be transformed.

You will understand the philosophy of yoga on a new level. You will understand the words of the texts of yoga with new depth. You will have the knowledge of the bigger picture of the Universe around you and within you. This experience is difficult to describe, and perhaps this is the most interesting part of the process of yoga. It has to be experienced first hand.

Than there is the sense of community you feel with the other students. You know you’re all changing and growing together. Sure you can talk about it, but it’s the experience that you feel on the inside, and knowing that the other people are transforming on the inside as well that is beyond words. You know everyone has that spark of divine life inside and you can all relate on some level. That you are really One. That’s why we say Namaste!


Written by Gary Reitze Iyengar Yoga instructor

You can find him here at IYCD Saturday and Sunday 8-10am



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