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Susan Abernethy here. It seems I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love history. At the age of fourteen, I watched “The Six Wives of Henry VIII” on TV and was enthralled. Truth seemed much more strange than fiction. I started reading about Henry VIII and then branched out into many types of history. This even led me to study history in college. Even though I never did anything with the history degree, it’s always been a hobby of mine. Recently a friend graciously allowed me to write for her women’s history blog, Saints Sisters and Sluts. I’ve diversified and now write about more than just women’s history. I’m going to write my thoughts on all kinds of history from Ancient to mid-20th Century. Please enjoy.

Etiquette for Yoga Classes

Here are some basic tips for etiquette in attending yoga classes. Arrival and Greeting Habitual tardiness is disrespectful to students and teachers. Exceptions to occur rarely.  When that is the case, enter the room when there is a break in … Continue reading

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A Description of Samadhi

  Have you ever wondered what Samadhi looks like?  In our dedicated practice, we learn about the eight limbs of yoga, of which the last and highest is Samadhi, a total union of body, mind and spirit.  This is what … Continue reading

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Book Review: Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda

The release of the movie “Awake: The Life of Yogananda” recently sparked my interest in the history of this yogi who brought Hindu spirituality to the West.  I’m embarrassed to admit, I had his “Autobiography” on my book shelf for … Continue reading

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The Use of Props in Iyengar Yoga

There is no shame in using props. Mr. Iyengar himself uses props. I think about how I practiced other methods of yoga in the beginning which didn’t use props. When I tried my first Iyengar yoga class, the teacher had … Continue reading

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